A Little About Us

Dear Reader,

Odds are favorable that you are a) a loved one or friend of ours who has been supportive of and curious about this whole surrogacy thing, b) a person interested in their own surrogacy process, in what role you best fit, c) someone for whatever your reasons came not in support of surrogacy (which I hope you can stick around and learn some things with us!) or d) got lost in an internet hole and found us totally by happenstance. Whatever brought you here, I am grateful for the time you have taken to read our blog.

What a wild, weird, and awesome ride this surrogacy thing has been (and continues to be).

Some super important basic info, to start us off:

Garret & I (Ryan, hello y’all!) are the Intended Parents (IP)s, Tiffany is our Gestational Carrier (GC), and Stef is Tiffany’s super rad Husband and we will either find or create a term for his role in our team of four. (I am not sure yet if there’s a widely known shorthand title of his own). Something else of importance is that my cousin Kara was our egg donor.

So to wrap Surrogacy 101 Lesson One, Kara’s Egg + Garret’s Sperm = Embryo. Tiffany is our reigning expert on the matters of the science behind the art, so please stick around for her posts, full of insider knowledge.

This blog will be a way for each of us to record our thoughts, feelings, reactions, questions, comments, joys, mental wanderings, aches, pains, fears, trepidations, and whatever else may come along the way. Also, we may have photos, videos, all kinds of things! You may also hear from a special guest blogger from our circle now and then, so that should be fun!

While my own postings will mostly follow in order as they happen, there may be a few reflections on events from earlier (pre-blog) that may be of relevance and interest, at least I think so.

Be well, y’all


2 thoughts on “A Little About Us

  1. Hello Ryan. Nice to meet you! I’m Tiffany’s mom. This blog is so very interesting to me because this is the first time I’ve been able to follow along on Tiffany’s journey through her surrogacy. I most generally get to see the end results which are amazing! I’m so excited to get to see the journey from beginning to the end. My heart is so full of love for you all right now. I can’t wait til your family is complete and all the wonderful things for the future for you all.

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