Night before beta

Just 3 minutes ago I was texting with Garrett and Ryan saying I was trying to get inspired to write a “night before beta” blog post but I had nothing. Ryan replied asking what beta was, and voila! Blog post! The first blood tests are commonly called betas by carriers. It is a quantitative hCG test. Basically telling you how pregnant you really are – kind of. Clinics are looking, more or less, for a number over 50. There have been betas in the 20s that have resulted in healthy pregnancies but it is a little more tenuous and nerve wracking. My betas tend to be in the mid to higher end. I don’t have my numbers from the twins but I do have them for the others:

Wellington – 11dp6dt -1583, 13dp6dt – 4666

Shalev – 14dp5dt – 874, 16dp5dt – 2357, 21dp5dt – 12,012

Smith – 9dp5dt  -259,  13dp5dt – 2767,  21dp5dt – 32,940

The numbers are read 11 days past 6 day transfer. Meaning 11 days past a transfer of a 6 day embryo.

After the first beta, there will usually be another 48 hours later. You want the second number to at least double from the first one and at least double every 48 hours after that. is a fun tool to look at to compare your numbers to other’s. This sight uses dpo (days past ovulation) instead of dpt (days past transfer). Just add the days past transfer to the age of the embryo to get the dpo. So 11dp6dt would be 17dpo.

Crossing all my parts for my beta tomorrow!

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