Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta. BETA!

(Sung to the tune of For the Love of Money by The O’Jays)

I am sure those of you that are following along are on pins and needles to know our second beta… 1258!! That is a pretty darn good number and we are moving up on the betabase chart!

This is a doubling time of 32.7 hours. We are looking for doubling at least every 48 so this is great, too! My progesterone is 73 and estrogen is 322 today. Very different numbers than last week. I have been absolutely dragging the last few days and so very tired – progesterone at 73 is definitely the reason. I was hoping they would back off of the progesterone dose a little but I have to wait an entire week before my next bloodwork. I have no idea why my estrogen is so much lower than last week.

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