5 weeks!

“Wait!”, you say, “Transfer was only 15 days ago. How can you be pregnant before you were pregnant?”

Well, my friends, that is the magic of IVF! Pregnancy is counted from the last menstrual period which we magically give the number of 14 days before conception. Then we get to add on the number of days old the embryo is, in our case 6 days. So 14+15+6 = 35 days. And 35 days divided by 7 days is 5. 5 weeks! So if 40 weeks is considered average full term, we only have 35 weeks left! lol Btw, I totally had to double check my math with my surro-friends. IVF math is hard!

My husband, Stef, has a lot to say about this along the lines of we women folk are getting two extra weeks of pregnancy credit with that funny math. I, on the other hand, point out that somehow 9 months became the common place span of time people think of a woman being pregnant. 9 months = 36 weeks. We are losing credit for 4 weeks or 2 weeks, if you are counting from conception! So there.

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