Ultrasound #2!

Tiffany & Garret were in the exam room, while Stef & Ryan stayed back in the lobby and listened in via video call. Take that COVID-19! We all still got into the appointment.

171bpm! Little one is going strong!!

I tried (and thus far failed) to find something that speaks to the size of an 8 week old heart in proportion to the kidney bean-sized body. It’s pretty much head, heart, and little flipper nubs.

Much appreciation for everyone at Texas Fertility Center, not enough words to thank them for their work, but especially Lisa Hansard, MD & Michelle Hegtvedt, RN. Thank you for answering our at-times-endless questions and doing so with such kindness. So many, many thank yous.

Now we move on to the OB-GYN!

4 thoughts on “Ultrasound #2!

    1. OMG πŸ˜‚ I so Love My Little Grandbaby 😍 THANK YOU TIFF πŸŒΉπŸ€— For Blessing all of Us ❀️ Your ❀️ is so Beautiful ❀️ I so Pray to meet You and Stef One Day Soon πŸ™ Thank you sooo much for taking care of the Baby and Yourself God Bless this Awesome Gift😘❀️ πŸ™


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