A lullaby to pass the time.

Hey all, followers and newcomers alike!

It’s been a wacky few weeks, with stay-at-home orders and new adjustments to both of us working at home taking more time than we would have liked away from the blog. Sorry ’bout that!

Of course, I come not to dwell on such things, but more that I found the most incredible thing and wanted to share it with y’all.

If we have not mentioned this yet, a vast majority of Tiffany & Stef and Garret & my communication takes place in a text message thread, including coordinating appointments, meetups, photos, and other random assorted friendly exchanges. (Which includes a LOT of us asking Tiffany how she’s feeling, because we feel bad and especially because we can’t help much with that except being near-obnoxiously enthusiastic and expressive of our appreciation, since you can’t send toast or orange slices through the phone). Since the beginning of this journey Tiffany & Stef offered to read books and play music to the little one once we hit the phase that they can hear (18 weeks, we are just over halfway there!).

Garret is waiting for the day that Stef (and G via video call) can read DUNE to the little one.

I have been working on a playlist on Spotify since the little one was still just a concept; I will post a full version of it come Week 18, so stay tuned (stay fed? Stay Rss-ed? What’s the blog equivalent to asking readership to continue reading for content?).

Until such time, please enjoy my (current) favorite Baby find since we became pregnant:

It cannot be overstated how much genuine glee this gives me.

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