17 weeks!

I am now housing a human the size of a large onion. 😂. For the last two weeks I’ve been thinking I was feeling the baby but wasn’t sure if it was baby or gas! But now I’m finally sure it is actual baby moving! The last 2 days have also been the first without nausea. So yay week 17!!! On the other hand, this is also the week I stopped being able to lay on my back. 😦 So it is side sleeping only for me from now on and there has been a lot of tossing and turning so far. Hopefully I will get used to it soon.

I am still team girl. (Ryan and I will find out in 3 short weeks!). This baby seems higher than my previous for sure. I generally don’t have any problem eating full meals through the entire pregnancy but my stomach is already feeling pretty cramped.


2 thoughts on “17 weeks!

  1. I’m TEAM Girl too! I’m thankful you’re feeling better. Praying for you and the special baby you’re carrying.


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