Hello from the home office.

A sincere moment to say that we hope that you and yours are well, in every iteration of the sentiment.

And another sincere moment of gratitude to y’all for the support, kindness, and encouragement you have shared since you first learned about our little one. The blog readership took off after the announcement, something we all watched with awe and appreciation.

Been a wild time these last few weeks, months? How long have we been quarantined? Both G & I have been working full time from home, which has had it’s fair share of ups and downs, figuratively and literally, since Garret mostly works from the living room downstairs and I have taken over a guest room upstairs. I… have had a harder time with the adjustment to working from home than G, but I’m getting there.

You know what helps? Having this right beside my work computer:

My Home Office Wall

More entries are coming soon, really and truly. Some BIG appointments coming up as we approach our halfway point.

We get to learn just a bit more about you soon soon, little one, which is exciting! Of course, you will show and tell us more about you than an ultrasound ever could, but more information about you is absolutely welcome and makes us both very happy. 💚


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