17 weeks!

I am now housing a human the size of a large onion. 😂. For the last two weeks I’ve been thinking I was feeling the baby but wasn’t sure if it was baby or gas! But now I’m finally sure it is actual baby moving! The last 2 days have also been the first without nausea. So yay week 17!!! On the other hand, this is also the week I stopped being able to lay on my back. 😦 So it is side sleeping only for me from now on and there has been a lot of tossing and turning so far. Hopefully I will get used to it soon.

I am still team girl. (Ryan and I will find out in 3 short weeks!). This baby seems higher than my previous for sure. I generally don’t have any problem eating full meals through the entire pregnancy but my stomach is already feeling pretty cramped.


Which Team?

Team girl or team boy? I am on team girl. Out of 7 babies, the only girl I have carried was one of the twins so it sure would be cool to finally get one all by herself! Reasons for my team affiliation are first, as I discussed earlier, my morning sickness has been different than usual. I wouldn’t necessarily say worse, just really different. But the most compelling argument I have is the heartbeat. With all the boys I’ve carried their heart rates have been consistently in the 130s. This baby has had heart rates consistently in the upper 150s and 160s so far. Definitely girl heartbeat!

Disclaimer – Of course I am thrilled no matter the gender!! 😁

9 weeks 4 days

I haven’t updated in awhile, so here it goes… last Monday my blood work showed my progesterone at 36 and Estradiol 539. I was told to stop the Estradiol and lower the progesterone to ½ cc. This Monday progesterone was 20 and estrogen 726. I’m staying on the same does this week.

My nauseousness has hit new heights this week. I’m ready to move on from this stage now for sure!

Random Ponderings

I’ve had the same conversation with quite a few people lately and thought I would share. My “morning sickness”, read “all day and night sickness”, is so different this time than before. I already shared how it started 2 weeks earlier this time but there are also a few other differences. Previously, I had a constant underlying nausea that never really went away and was always present. This time, it is still constantly there to a much lesser degree but then huge waves of nausea will come over me out of the blue for a few minutes and I have to wait for them to pass to continue on. I have also been waking up in the middle of the night super nauseated. Luckily, most of the time I’m able to go back to sleep. The best thing about this time is that I don’t seem to have any real food aversions that make me want to immediately vomit. Thinking about food in general makes me queasy but so far eating any of it makes me feel momentarily better. Overall, I feel like I am able to function through the day better than I have in the past but the waves are rough and I am more tired than I remember being previously. I think that has to do with not sleeping well at night. Not having food aversions makes life much easier this time around, though.

With all of these differences, I can’t help but wonder if this baby might be a girl. Through all my pregnancies, I have only carried one girl but she was a twin with her brother so I don’t know what being pregnant with just a girl would be like for me.

4th Beta

I don’t think I’ve ever had a 4th beta before but there is a first for everything! At 27dp6dt we have a number of 55069! Which I assume is still very good. There are no more charts for this far along though. 🙂 The Progesterone is 49 and Estradiol is 3469. I was told I could lower my progesterone dose by half and am only on 1 Estradiol/day now. Yay! We have our first ultrasound tomorrow!

Administering Progesterone Injection

I’m excited to share our first video! This was an impromptu video taken by my friend, Cathleen, who might have remembered halfway through the video that she doesn’t like needles. Lol!

In this video I’m administering the progesterone injection. We are 6 weeks 3 days pregnant and I am giving myself a 2ml injection of PIO (progesterone in oil). The length of time one is on PIO depends on the individual doctor’s protocol. Usually I will stop PIO around 10 weeks pregnant. That is a lot of pokes!

Oh! Also, we have a youtube channel now, too!