3rd Beta

I went for my 3rd beta blood test yesterday. The HCG is 14857, which is great! Progesterone is 23, which is way down from last week. I have been told Progesterone fluctuations are normal. Estradiol went WAY up to 2210. Thankfully I was given the go ahead to cut my dosage in half. I had a much better nausea day today than I have been having. Maybe that is because of the lower estrogen dose.

Transfer Pics! (throwback post)

We can’t not share our pics from the transfer. Especially because Lawanda Garrett’s mom) did such an amazing job on our t-shirts and supplied us with an arsenal of required transfer accoutrements that need to be shared!!

All of our goodies from Lawanda: salty snacks for everyone, good luck fertility turtle, pineapple juice, lucky socks and our amazing tshirts!
Ryan with Lawanda’s gift basket for Dr. Hansard
Pretty sure this is going to be my all time favorite pic of Garrett ever.

Pukey Already?

I had some moments of nausea yesterday. Just waves here and there. I shared the news with Garret and Ryan. They wanted to know if there was anything they could do to help. The more we talked about it the worse I felt. So we stopped. It pretty much went away going into the evening though, so even though it felt legit, maybe not.

Fast forward to today. Yes, I am definitely maybe for sure experiencing pregnancy related ickiness. I’m just trying to keep busy and not think about it. This is about 2 weeks early for me to be feeling “morning”, read all day, sickness. Oh boy!

5 weeks!

“Wait!”, you say, “Transfer was only 15 days ago. How can you be pregnant before you were pregnant?”

Well, my friends, that is the magic of IVF! Pregnancy is counted from the last menstrual period which we magically give the number of 14 days before conception. Then we get to add on the number of days old the embryo is, in our case 6 days. So 14+15+6 = 35 days. And 35 days divided by 7 days is 5. 5 weeks! So if 40 weeks is considered average full term, we only have 35 weeks left! lol Btw, I totally had to double check my math with my surro-friends. IVF math is hard!

My husband, Stef, has a lot to say about this along the lines of we women folk are getting two extra weeks of pregnancy credit with that funny math. I, on the other hand, point out that somehow 9 months became the common place span of time people think of a woman being pregnant. 9 months = 36 weeks. We are losing credit for 4 weeks or 2 weeks, if you are counting from conception! So there.

Beta, Beta, Beta, Beta. BETA!

(Sung to the tune of For the Love of Money by The O’Jays)

I am sure those of you that are following along are on pins and needles to know our second beta… 1258!! That is a pretty darn good number and we are moving up on the betabase chart!

This is a doubling time of 32.7 hours. We are looking for doubling at least every 48 so this is great, too! My progesterone is 73 and estrogen is 322 today. Very different numbers than last week. I have been absolutely dragging the last few days and so very tired – progesterone at 73 is definitely the reason. I was hoping they would back off of the progesterone dose a little but I have to wait an entire week before my next bloodwork. I have no idea why my estrogen is so much lower than last week.

First Beta

Beta is 164. That should be good and make me really happy but somehow all it does is make me nervous. I like overachieving, crazy high numbers! This one seems so average. Then again, 164 is way higher than most people’s 9dp6dt. A quick poll of my surro friends gives me 143, 26 and 72. And as you can see by the chart below it is smack in the middle. So I probably need to chill. I would be telling anyone else that this is a great number! How am I more nervous now than I was before?

Also measured today was my progesterone at 41 and estrogen is 1540. The progesterone is about right and the estrogen is pretty high.

On the loading platform.

I have absolutely no idea if I am putting to much or not enough emphasis on the importance of today. 

Tiffany just finished her blood test, and in a few hours, we will get a call about the results. 

Are we pregnant? 

Last night I had a moment, sitting on the couch with Garret and Marshall (our dog, an incredibly lovable 7 year old boxer mutt). And just thinking how in less than 24 hours, the entire fundamental concept of us could change. 

I mean, I know that we have thought about and imagined a child in this house, thinking what it would be like, how would we parent in this or that situation… An idea is one thing, but this, this could be an entire paradigm shift, one that I do not know yet what all that brings. 

Let me do my best to make this current feeling something relatable, by at least the nearest equivalent to anything I have personally felt before.

Right now, I am sitting at home on a break from work. In my head, however, we are standing in line for a ride at Universal Studios, (or for anyone following, insert the name of an Amusement Park that you have attended greater than a weekend with a season pass. A place that either you or a loved one spent the money, time, and effort to plan. THE family vacation level Amusement Park of your choice. And this is THE ride you have been waiting for.

Anyway, the whole process of the surrogacy thus far has been like the queue of a big fancy ride: painstaking detail was taken in crafting an engaging way of waiting in line for your turn. This queue, with all its twists, turns, and many hours on our feet, has only heightened the whole experience. Never at all boring.  

We continue to move through this metaphorical queue, we met some very cool people, struck up a conversation, and decided that it would be a blast to link up and ride in the same car together. 

Tiffany’s blood test this morning was like passing the turnstile; we can see the roller coaster train ahead of us as we wait on the loading dock. We are excited, but cautious, because we know that sometimes a coaster can be delayed (you know, sometimes the weather is unfavorable that day, or some minor maintainence issue holds the queue. The type of things that can happen, no fault of anyone). 

We are doing our best to try and temper our expectations; this is a ride that we have imagined and anticipated for so long. We have heard such incredible and scary and wonderful things about this ride, all of our loved ones have shared stories about what the ride was like for them. We can read all the reviews, ask all the questions, watch all the YouTube videos, and still so much more is left to the imagination.

We are waiting in line for a roller coaster, but multiply that to the power of some currently large but unfathomable number and you would be close to what I am feeling right now. 

We are just an unknown few hours(?) away from finding out if today is the day we get to walk past the little gates and take our seats. 

*For any non-roller coaster enthusiasts out there, my apologies.

Night before beta

Just 3 minutes ago I was texting with Garrett and Ryan saying I was trying to get inspired to write a “night before beta” blog post but I had nothing. Ryan replied asking what beta was, and voila! Blog post! The first blood tests are commonly called betas by carriers. It is a quantitative hCG test. Basically telling you how pregnant you really are – kind of. Clinics are looking, more or less, for a number over 50. There have been betas in the 20s that have resulted in healthy pregnancies but it is a little more tenuous and nerve wracking. My betas tend to be in the mid to higher end. I don’t have my numbers from the twins but I do have them for the others:

Wellington – 11dp6dt -1583, 13dp6dt – 4666

Shalev – 14dp5dt – 874, 16dp5dt – 2357, 21dp5dt – 12,012

Smith – 9dp5dt  -259,  13dp5dt – 2767,  21dp5dt – 32,940

The numbers are read 11 days past 6 day transfer. Meaning 11 days past a transfer of a 6 day embryo.

After the first beta, there will usually be another 48 hours later. You want the second number to at least double from the first one and at least double every 48 hours after that. http://www.betabase.info/ is a fun tool to look at to compare your numbers to other’s. This sight uses dpo (days past ovulation) instead of dpt (days past transfer). Just add the days past transfer to the age of the embryo to get the dpo. So 11dp6dt would be 17dpo.

Crossing all my parts for my beta tomorrow!