Which Team?

Team girl or team boy? I am on team girl. Out of 7 babies, the only girl I have carried was one of the twins so it sure would be cool to finally get one all by herself! Reasons for my team affiliation are first, as I discussed earlier, my morning sickness has been different than usual. I wouldn’t necessarily say worse, just really different. But the most compelling argument I have is the heartbeat. With all the boys I’ve carried their heart rates have been consistently in the 130s. This baby has had heart rates consistently in the upper 150s and 160s so far. Definitely girl heartbeat!

Disclaimer – Of course I am thrilled no matter the gender!! 😁


4 thoughts on “Which Team?

  1. I’m also team girl! I only have that “feeling” that’s what this precious gift is. You and the baby are in my prayers.


  2. GIRL TEAM 💕I agree with hearing the Heartbeat fast and carrying high…❤🌹🤗 God Bless you Tiff for CARRYING Baby BRAYES GIRL OR BOY HUGS 🤗GRAMMIE HERE , LOVES THAT LITTLE ONE SO MUCH ALREADY 😍😘❤️🙏


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